Boating Industry Association of Central New York

Widely known as the prominent voice of boating in Central New York, BIA has championed some impressive programs over the years, and is leading again with its “Discover Clean & Safe Boating” program, and the “Discover Better Boating” show on Spectrum cable television.   

BIA members donate a boat and motor that Dave White of the Sea Grant Program takes to boat shown across the region, talking about how to be safe on the water. Dave also provides demonstrations on the products and equipment boat owners need while afloat. Read more

And a public service program, featured the third Saturday each month on Spectrum Cable Television, is another proud boating safety promotion of the Association.

Dave White and BIA cooperate on the “Discover Better Boating” program, which features interviews with marine specialists and enthusiasts, reviews what needs to be on board every boat, and focuses on useful information such as the latest iPhone Apts that can display the vessel’s location on a lake or waterway. BIA promotes the show through an ad running the whole week prior to the show on its Web site.

This year the Association began its “Suddenly in Command” program all summer long, specifically for people who are always aboard with a vessel’s captain. Focused on small groups of 10 people at various marinas, it allows the passenger to know what to do if the captain becomes incapacitated or overboard.  

The major public and member activities are the annual New York State Fairgrounds Boat Show in February, and the “Clean ‘em out” Boat show the week after Labor Day.

The Fairgrounds show features the most boats of any show in New York, and Association members look forward to selling their trade-ins and leftover models at the show following the Fair. These activities highlight BIA’s commitment to be very active as an organization, and to do everything with their members in mind.

Barb Caster, Executive Secretary, notes that BIA proudly sponsors the CNY Boat Show, which is one of the biggest in the Northeast with more than350 boats filling three buildings at the State Fairgrounds in Syracuse. Show Manager Drew Wickham gives space to the Power Squadrons, the New York State Police, the Clean & Safe Boat Program, and a pool for Dave White’s demonstrations with auto life jackets.