AMI: Dredging an Important & Ongoing Issue


Fully functioning waterways, harbors, and marine facilities in the state is critical to the marine industry. A long-standing problem is the lengthy and cumbersome permitting process, as well as the high cost of maintenance dredging. “My cove will be dredged in a year to 18 months -- and we started in 2012,” said Eric Kreuter, AMI’s President.

AMI, the Association of Marine Industries on Long Island, is supporting the efforts of Friends of Long Island Waterways in its effort to increase dredging in New York. Friends is an organization committed to improving the environmental health of, and access to, our waterways by building coalitions in support of key initiatives that have clear positive impacts, including:

  • A coalition in support of dredging to influence legislators and permit administrators to do more frequent and extensive dredging, which improves water quality and safe navigation.

  • Wastewater nitrogen reduction initiatives that will reduce harmful algae blooms in our bays and harbors.

  • Working with organizations that share our goals.

The Friends organization urges us to take action:

  • Sign our petition on dredging, and make your voice heard to the permit administrators and our State Legislators in Albany

  • Please add your comments to our blog and add any helpful links.

(Get to the Friends Web site petition, through the AMI Website at