Volunteers Wanted for Horseshoe Crab Monitoring

Are you interested in learning about and conserving one of the oldest living animals in New York?

Horseshoe crabs are found in all of New York’s estuaries and has existed for roughly 450 million years! Even though ‘crab’ is in their name, they aren’t crabs at all – they’re more closely related to spiders and scorpions!

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Every spring, Horseshoe crabs use New York’s beaches to spawn and lay their eggs. NYSDEC and Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County’s Marine Program work together to monitor their spawning activities during high tides around the new and full moon. Volunteers are needed to count, measure, tag, and identify the differences between male and female crabs. By participating with this survey, you will help collect scientific data that will be used to assess NY’s horseshoe crab population and inform conservation management decisions.

To learn more about the horseshoe crab spawning survey and become a volunteer,please visit Cornell’s Horseshoe Crab webpage.