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The ESMTA promotes the recreational boating industry throughout New York State, encourages the safe and proper use of boats, marine accessories, and facilities through means consistent with the public interest and welfare. 

By joining ESMTA, your membership is a cooperative partnership advancing the marine trades industry in New York State.  As a member, you lend your voice to the common cause of recreational boating and enable the organization to advocate more effectively in support of the industry.

ESMTA is dedicated to preserving all of the NYS waterways and work in conjunction with all organizations and state agencies to educate the public. One of the ways we do this is to provide any new legislation and educational materials to all of our members, who will then distribute throughout their regions.  If you are a marina or a marine dependent company, we welcome your participation.

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Congratulations to Katie Hohman, for her feature on the

City and State 40 Under 40 list!

City and State is a political journalism organization based in New York City. The company publishes a weekly magazine covering politics and government in New York City and New York State that is distributed to New York State legislators, county executives, municipalities, the New York Congressional delegation, New York City Council members and others leaders in New York business and government.

For many New Yorkers, state politics can be discouraging. Elections may feel like popularity contests, with policy debates overshadowed by insults and smears. The political establishment often capitalizes on voter apathy, installing hand-picked candidates and minimizing threats to entrenched incumbents. Many elected officials seem to be motivated by building up their reputations and amassing power, as opposed to serving their constituents.

But what’s missing from that perspective are the countless individuals who are driven by an unwavering determination to truly improve state government – especially among the younger generation. That’s why City & State takes time each year to identify 40 people under the age of 40 who are shaking up state politics. These individuals – along with other impressive elected officials and staffers, advocates and activists, journalists and union organizers – make up the 2019 Albany 40 Under 40 Rising Stars.

Katie Hohman says co-founding a public affairs firm “just happened organically.” Tim Sheridan, who was her boss when she was a legislative representative at Capitol Group several years ago, reached out to discuss the possibility – and that’s how Hohman came to be named a partner last year, at the age of 31.

She enjoys the independence and autonomy in handling her clients and work. Having been involved in government affairs for nearly a decade, she has wide-ranging experience, including bill drafting and introduction, legislative amendments, analyzing media and political developments as well as association work. Prior to co-founding Sheridan Hohman, she served as the legislative director for the New York State Association of Counties.

“I think one of the challenges working in New York state, working in politics, it’s how quickly things can move and really just trying to keep a clear head and being able to pivot if something changes,” she says. “The end of session is always the most exciting time because you never know what’s going to happen. Things change all the time.”

One of Hohman’s main takeaways after working in Albany for the past seven years? The value of networks.

“Something I’ve learned is to try not to get discouraged and make sure you maintain your relationships with everybody,” she says. “It’s a very small town and I feel like everybody – whether there’s a million of us lobbyists – we really are all there to help each other.”

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IJC members, Congressional representatives hold roundtable on Lake Ontario water levels

Members of the International Joint Commission, along with Central New York Congressional representatives, held a roundtable discussion Friday on the high water levels impacting homes and businesses along Lake Ontario.

Members of the International Joint Commission (IJC), the agency that controls water flows and lake levels on Lake Ontario, got a look at flood damage first-hand at Sodus Point.

The first stop for the newly-appointed commissioner and her Canadian counterparts, however, was a roundtable discussion in Oswego. They met with Congressmen John Katko and Anthony Brindisi, along with other leaders from communities around Lake Ontario.

The IJC claims the flooding is caused by record rainfall, and not by the controversial Plan 2014, which specifics when water should be let through dams along the system. Jane Corwin, the newly appointed US Commissioner blames the amount of rain in 2017 and this year. She met with community members on the beach in the second half of her trip. She sat down with Congressman John Katko, Anthony Brindisi, and other lakeside community leaders.

The IJC stands by Plan 2014, but local leaders are encouraged that independent scientists are being brought in to study if it’s doing what it’s supposed to or more harm than good. Assemblyman Will Barclay released the following statement today after taking part in a round table discussion with members of the International Joint Commission and other local, state, and federal representatives in Oswego.

“I want to thank Congressman Katko for hosting the IJC commissioners in Oswego today to discuss flooding on Lake Ontario. Property owners are devastated by the historically high water levels compounded with wind from storms and are looking for help and answers. While I don’t think there is an agreement on the causes of the current catastrophic flooding, I was pleased the IJC came to the county to listen to our concerns about Plan 2014. I was also pleased they recognize that a full review of Plan 2014 is needed.

“I continue to believe that Plan 2014 has contributed to the high lake levels and the resulting property damage. I will continue to advocate for its revocation.”

State Lawmakers Advocate for Funding for Property Owners on Lake Ontario: State Legislators representing shoreline communities along Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River joined today to advocate for residents who have been impacted by flooding and severe storms. A joint letter was sent to the Governor from 13 state lawmakers today, urging him to make funding available to private property owners who need to rebuild following damaging floods.

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