Message From the President


What a season this has been

On Memorial Day weekend, I was in my home with the heat on. Between the low temperatures and all the rain, the boating season didn’t really get started until much later than usual for most people.

Nonetheless, hopefully this season turned out alright for all of us. To help us organizationally I’d like to see our association grow in 2017, with ESMTA taking more of a leadership role in championing the issues important to us.

This year I’d like to see increased membership, and more communication among our members. To that end, we’ve re-established this Newsletter to better relate to each other and help meet the goals of the association. Read more

I’d also like to see ESMTA increase our overall focus on the issues that matter to us as dealers and providers of marine services. And we need to continue to be active in the important behind the scenes discussions that often result in changes for our industry -- some of them for the better, and some that are not good for us.  

We still have a long way to go to bring things back from economic downturns and the natural disasters that hit our industry here in New York hard this decade. By being alert and attentive to things that we can do as an association of similar businesses, we will be better positioned to make good things happen for us all.

I send my best wishes to our members for a strong remainder of the season, and look forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas. And of course, I look forward to seeing many of you again for our October 12thAnnual Meeting in Albany!

Sincerely, Gabe