Governor Cuomo Cleans Up


Governor Cuomo has made unprecedented investments in the State’s environmental, energy and agricultural programs.

These include:

  • Enacting the unprecedented $2.5 billion Clean Water Infrastructure Act of 2017, to protect public health and the environment through investments in drinking water, wastewater and source water protection;

  • Establishing the $400 million Water Infrastructure Improvement Act of 2015, a municipal clean water infrastructure grant program; 

    Attack Harmful Algal Blooms. Using resources from the Clean Water Infrastructure Act and the Environmental Protection Fund, the State will implement a $65 million initiative to combat harmful algal blooms in Upstate New York water bodies.

The resources will be used to develop action plans to reduce sources of pollution that spark algal blooms, and provide grant funding to implement the action plans, including the installation of new monitoring and treatment technologies. 

  •  Contain and Treat the Grumman Contamination Plume. New York is fast tracking construction of a new, state‐of‐the‐art well system to fully contain and treat the plume of contamination caused by industrial waste from the U.S. Navy and Northrop Grumman Bethpage manufacturing facilities in Oyster Bay, Nassau County.

The full containment and treatment system is estimated to cost at least $150 million to construct. The Executive Budget includes sufficient appropriations to support expected outlays in FY 2019, and the State will pursue reimbursement from the U.S. Navy and Northrup Grumman.